At Hilltop Engineering it’s about making your lives easier. We know you want a product at the right price, delivered on time without any hassle. As a customer, you need quality, especially with manufacturing high volume components. We can deliver exactly that.

As a leading manufacturing engineering company, Hilltop Engineering provide a broad range of products to the industry. We started as a press tool manufacturer and now offer everything from design to press components and press manufacturing to welding assemblies and fabrication too.

Why Choose Hilltop Engineering For Your Manufacturing and Engineering Project?

Quality Manufacturing and a Service Tailored to You

It may well be that you just want a fabricated bracket. You don’t want a complete range of parts. So that’s exactly what we’ll deliver, a quality fabricated bracket. Or it may be that you just want a washer. Therefore, we will happily make you a tool that can deliver 50,000 washers a day. Or perhaps you want a complex assembly, or kit of parts that make up a telephone system, or a press system, or a safety device that will involve numerous disciplines. No matter what your requirements we will adapt to deliver you a quality product within the timeframe required.

Broad Package of Parts

Due to our wide range of capabilities, we can facilitate a complete kit of components whether it’s extremely simple or more complex. We offer a broad package of parts.

Complete Engineering Solutions

Our customers don’t want to buy one part from one company, another part from another company, and another part from another company. As an electrical supplier or an electrical design house or manufacturer, you need the metal components to fix your electronics into. You want to buy everything in one place. Which means you want the enclosure, the mounting plate and all the metal bits that carry the electronics. Buying them all from the same supplier eliminates many potential problems such as parts not fitting. What you want is all elements from the same place so that you know it’s all going to fit together seamlessly.

That’s the service we can offer. A complete solution to your manufacturing and engineering project.

Happy Customers

For example, we supply a thousand kits a week into an electronics supplier to match his build requirement. To do so we have all the different components that we then put together on an agreed day. Which we then deliver to his line a thousand kits. Our customer doesn’t have to worry about where the nuts and bolts and washers and castings and brackets are coming from. All in one go. One order sourced the lot.

Contact Our Manufacturing and Engineering Company Today

If you’re looking for a manufacturing engineering company and have query about your project, call us today. From design to concept our comprehensive package can ensure you end up with exactly what you need. Whether it’s design, development, testing or manufacture or all of the above – we will deliver exactly what you ask for. What’s more, we can supply your production line for assembly, or pack and transport directly to your customer.

We have the know-how, the people, and the equipment to deliver a quick, cost-effective response to your needs. Whether you need a one-off fabricated bracket, large batches of complex machined and welded assemblies, or a fully controlled project, we provide top quality manufacturing and engineering services.

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